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When I’m not pouring out my feelings on this blog, I write other things. Seriously. I do. Really. Lately, I’ve been missing the creative writing side of everything. I love writing stories. I’ve even tried my hand at scriptwriting. To break up a little monotony here’s an excerpt from something I’ve been working on called “Super!!”

It’s the story of Layla Burkhart, a late 20-something who can’t seem to get her shit together when another layer of complication arises…




LAYLA BURKHART and CHRISTIAN ANDERSON talk while waiting for the light to change.

Christian is an upbeat, slightly feminine guy with a clean shave and a trendy haircut. He’s boyishly cute and dressed fashionably. He looks to be in his late 20’s.


I just sent out a bunch of my designs today and who knows! Maybe I’ll hear something, maybe I won’t. You know how these things go.

Layla is dressed in a pencil skirt and blouse that are nice, but mismatched just slightly in color like she got them from a thrift shop. She’s ethnically ambiguous and also in her late 20’s.



What? Sorry.


I get it, Christian’s super boring. You don’t have to say it.

Layla gives Christian a look that says “really”.


Oh yes, Christian, hearing about my best friend’s life bores me to tears. How dare you.


You just seem distracted today.


I’m just tired. Also, why does it take this particular light so long to change every time that we’re here?

A car drives by slowly and a MAN leans out the window.


Nice ass, sweetheart.



Get fucked, asshole!


Whoa! You’re extra spicy today! Are you sure you’re just tired?


I… (she hesitates before leaning closer and speaking quietly) My contract ended with that law firm.


Oh, no! I thought they wanted you!


Yeah, me too! It was going really well, but I bet it was that bitchy personal assistant. She was always overly nice, but her eyes were filled with evil.


You mean her bottom half was smiling–


–But her eyes radiate evil like Satan incarnated? Yes.


I’m so sorry.


It’s not like it’s your fault. It’s me. It’s always me, isn’t it?


No no no, you are amazing. It’s just that these old, uptight assholes you somehow keep temping for can’t see how great you are!


Now you sound like my mom.


I mean it, though! You’re smart, you’re super capable. You’re one of the hardest working people I know.


I’m just so tired of feeling like I’m getting ahead and then I get knocked right back where I started, you know? It’s like I’m doing the job cha-cha. I keep thinking, ‘maybe this time, maybe this time’ each time. I mean, look at me! I’m nearing thirty, I don’t have a stable job, my finances are completely in shambles, I’m hopelessly single…


If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. Some of the greatest people in history didn’t really flourish until their thirties! Think about it! You could be Vera Wang. You could be JK Rowling!


Yeah, well, it’s really hard to think of any kind of greatness when you don’t know if you’ll make rent on time.

Layla looks both ways. The CROSSWALK is clear and the crossing sign is still red. Layla frowns deeply at the light.


Fuck it. I’m going. Fuck this light.

Layla does a quick glance both ways one last time before she starts walking across when a LUXURY VEHICLE speeds seemingly out of nowhere toward Layla.



Layla’s eyes widen considerably at the sight of her oncoming doom. As the car lays on its horn and the brakes screech, Christian looks away and so does Layla, who quickly outstretches her arms to defend her herself as a knee-jerk reaction. The sound of metal crunching against something is heard audibly and everything blacks out for a moment.

Layla very slowly, hesitantly opens her eyes, relieved that she’s okay, all things considered. She looks over at Christian who is staring at her looking absolutely shocked.

A CROWD OF ONLOOKERS have stopped, also looking as shocked, murmuring and whispering to each other.

Layla looks confused until she glances over at the car. There’s a giant dent in the perfect shape of her fist crushing the hood. White smoke pours from underneath. Layla looks at her still-extended fist hovering a few inches away from the car. She quickly pulls her hand back when she realizes she’s been frozen in place for far too long. She squeaks in surprise and slowly, dramatically falls away from the car, sprawling on her back. She stares at the sky with a look of complete and total shock on her face as sirens sound in the distance, smoke continues to billow overhead.


Oh no.


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