Alright, Desus & Mero. I See You

I’ve been so fucking excited for Desus & Mero to come back on air since they announced their new show on Showtime. It’s been a long time coming, a long time anticipated, and it’s well deserved since their days at Viceland.

The show has a very similar feel to their previous endeavor but it feels more streamline. They still hit pop topics point by point much like before and they still have a guest – starting with AOC herself! It’s still good times and laughs all around.

I’m ecstatic to see them show off their acting chops with the new introduction of sketches. Listening to the Bodega Boys they have hilarious improvs, so seeing that actually happen on screen makes my writing heart so fucking happy. Not to mention Desus is out here looking like a piece all cleaned up in one of the sketches.

My only gripes about the show is less with them and more the technical side. For one, I think the set design is fantastic, but compared to their set up at Viceland, it’s fancy but it lacks the heart of their previous digs. They had props that gave their set character. While this IS the first episode, I hope they improve on the design past the two chairs, and a couple liquor bottles.

Also, I wish the show was longer. The editing at times feels chopped and rushed. Like, look, I would say with 99% certainty that the people following the boys to Showtime are listeners of the the audio art like I am. We’ll listen. You got us. I’ll stay for another joke. I’ll stay for a longer interview with interesting guests. You could easily fill up 45 minutes. 30 went by WAY too fast…

….But it left me wanting more. I can only hope there’s extra content to fill up on in the meantime. Either way, the boys are BACK and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

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