What Ancestry.com Did Was Dangerous

If you’re not aware of it, Ancestry.com recently put out a commercial that was tone-deaf to put it lightly. Take a look.

It seems innocuous at first glance. While I’m not 100% denying what happened in the commercial MAY have happened, I GUARAN-FUCKING-TEE that it was a minority compared to how many people were raped.

We can’t paint this as a love story when we’re far from it. We can’t make this the overarching narrative when violence was and still is the precedence.

Now, look, mixed race people have been around for a long ass time. When it comes to the history of mixed race issues in the United States, however, people seem to put the beginning marker at Loving v. Virginia and conveniently forget everything before that.

To ignore this part of our history is to not only diminish the horrific realities of slavery but also diminishes the fact that black people are still collectively suffering from the aftermath. Slavery is a serious, horrific thing. Every time someone comes along and brings levity to the situation we’re just opening doors for white revisionist history and shit like this:

‘Millions of “workers” from Africa.’

Then again, you’re never going to see the horrific realities of slavery in a commercial because then people might have to feel uncomfortable.

Can’t imagine what that feels like.

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