Can Taylor Swift Stand On Her Own?


I’ve been trying as hard as I can to let myself digest news when a hot button issue arises. That way, I’m not jumping on my first immediate thought when I see something spring up and hopefully I can give all of you a well thought-out piece rather than a copy of the think piece you’ve seen a million times before.

That said, I sat down and watched Taylor Swift’s entire Billboard Award Performance past the thirty seconds that everyone was critiquing. Granted, it’s a very solid critique, but I was curious if the WHOLE performance was a rip-off of Beyonce’s Coachella opening or just a small portion. It’s here if you want to see it:

For those of you that skipped right past it barring the first portion everything else was visually cute. The dancers wore candy-colored pastels and had briefcases and umbrellas. Brendon Urie came down Mary Poppins style.

Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the direct rip of Beyonce’s performance in the beginning, I don’t think anyone would have gone on about it. It was cute, but it wasn’t outstanding. The song was okay, but it was nothing to write home about. The whole thing was mediocre at best just like Taylor Swift.

Let’s be real, her whole career wouldn’t be at the point that it is if Kanye hadn’t run on stage and acted a fool all those years ago. Sure, she was on the up and up when she got her award, but he really did make her bigger through his stunt rather than letting her accept her award and fade into obscurity. Their back and forth has kept her career going and everyone talking about her.

Even with this performance, the drummers could have been cut out entirely because they made no sense musically nor to the rest of the theme. The only explanation for them being there is to stir up controversy and piss off the Beyhive. I literally can’t think of any other reason except that she can’t stand on her own volition without stirring up controversy and then responding to it in song form. 

I predict after this, she’ll get in her feelings about how mean people are to her and then write another album where she tries to be edgy if she doesn’t go through a break up first. Or if Kanye doesn’t swoop in and do something. Who knows.  He could invite her to his Sunday Service to sprinkle magic, sunshine, and rainbows on Taylor. 2019’s been a weird year and it’s in the realm of possibilities!

The thing that gets me about all of this is I know she has things of substance to talk about. She was the victim of sexual harassment and handled it without backing down. In spite of this debacle, she’s spoken out about racism and wants to be more politically active. I think that Taylor could do a serious album past the bubblegum visuals without anyone’s influence, but maybe that’s the eternal optimist in me. Unlike what she sang, it really isn’t hard to find another like her at this point, but I’m always here for a good redemption story.

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