Men, Fashion, and Soaring Above Mediocrity

I know I said my last post that I needed a moment to digest news, but I had to write about Billy Porter’s ensemble for the MET Gala. Because LOOK. AT. IT.




I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention because a) I am a Taurus woman in her 30s that loves when the Met puts on its Gala and b) We need to talk about men and fashion.

As I scroll through Facebook I see a lot of lamenting from men about how limited their fashion is. The complaint is that men have no options, men can’t wear make-up and that men’s fashion is boring. If you’re one of these people I have to assume a couple things about you. You’re either not creative or you’re afraid to rock the boat because in the good year of our Lord 2019, you have options. Now read that sentence over and over.

I appreciate the absolute fuck out of Billy Porter because while most men at the event were wearing some variation of a suit that they decided to “spice up” with embroidery, sparklessubtle shimmer or an ‘unconventional’ pattern, Billy Porter was OUT here serving Egypt in all gold, with an entourage, being a fabulous as fuck. Look at the craftsmanship! Look at the make-up! LOOK. AT. IT. ALL.

Your fave could NEVER! EVER!!

This level of fashion and artistry needs to happen. This work of art serves to remind you basic hos that you CAN aspire to this if you’d only widen your scope! Frill? Sure! Make-Up? Why not! Crop tops! Hell yes! Glitter?! Jewelry?! Bright colors?! Yes, yes and yes!

Who knows? You could be the next fashion icon making waves. You could change your town. You could change the zeitgeist.

But my God, don’t let it be because you think you have a lack of options.

If Billy Porter can do it, if Prince can do it, if David Bowie can do it, I’m damn sure you can do it.

And if you choose not to do it, get out of the way of the people who are.


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