The Ultimate Space Opera


I think the generation before really wanted to strive for the future they saw in Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry was ahead of his time by imagining a positive future where technology had advanced far enough that we were in space making positive allies with humanoids and bringing peace beyond Earth. It brought us the first black woman as an engineer and an important part of a team. The first interracial kiss. Our enemies at the time (the Russians) as our allies.

Because of this fantastic show, maybe it inspired Jeff Bezos to reveal his plans for his rocket company Blue Origin to build a “road to space“. However, in the same week of this announcement, and on the tail end of my Monday post, Alabama, alongside Georgia, is bringing us one step closer to the Republic of Gilead by enacting a law to force birth on anyone with a uterus. It’s not just these two states. It’s fourteen other states as well. This has been a continued battle, but with our congress leaning as right as it is, it feels more probable to send us back to the 50s rather than jetting us to the year 3000.

… Or straight to Gilead. No passing Go. No collecting $200.

If we had to make a map of the futures that we’ve imagined and put Star Trek Future up there along with Terminator Future, 1984 Future, The Handmaid’s Tale Future, and put little tiny chips on them to represent how close we are to making each one possible, we’re uncomfortably close to The Handmaid’s Tale Future at the moment.

This timeline really sucks, doesn’t it? How can we possibly mitigate this situation?

To kill two birds with one stone, how about we take all of these conservative, birth extremists and launch them collectively into space as the first test group? Jeff Bezos wants this space station to be massive. They’ll fit. Let’s take all of those people, their families and those who share their ideals, and let them have the first go at it. They can be the first ones to colonize space. In fact, let’s make it more interesting and install cameras up there.

The space station is supposed to be built with more than enough resources, but rich lawmakers are greedy. They don’t want to just let things be, they want it ALL. So sure, for the first few months, it’ll probably be boring to watch. They get to live in pomp and circumstance in space and we all collectively roll our eyes as they throw their heads back and do that rich people laugh like we see in the movies.

But eventually someone’s going to get greedy.


Someone wants to expand their land. Someone wants resources that the other person has. Maybe someone even wants to fuck someone else’s wife. Who knows. Either way, it’s inevitable that these people are going to cause this space utopia to collapse inevitably and no doubt swiftly. With Earth and its citizens relatively safe, we get to watch this dystopian space drama unfold in real time. It’ll be like watching Game of Thrones, but we won’t be rooting for any of the people and we’re just in it for the drama. Tell me you wouldn’t watch the fuck out of that.

Karen just stabbed Becky? Ohhhh nooo….

They could give us endless entertainment by giving us Space Hunger Games Future, Space Mad Max Future or Space Purge and we would be completely safe from it as they slowly devour each other. Meanwhile, we may actually be able to get some things done here that will take us into Star Trek Future for real this time.

If we don’t have to deal with Space Pirates first.

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