It’s Above Me

Considering the political climate these days, it’s so easy to run into infuriating and sometimes tragic things that happen in the black community. Still, every once in a while, a gem will pass through Black Twitter and gift us all with a phrase that hits the spirit just right as seen in the video below:

If this isn’t a big mood I don’t know what is. You can hear a lady in the background whining like a child and fake boo-hooing after realizing she’s not going to get exactly what she wants like they do. When called out on her abhorrent behavior, she says she used a racial slur on this gentleman because a relative died.

Now listen, I’ve had bad days and I’ve had relatives pass, but I’ve never been in such a bad mood that I’m going to turn around and call someone a racial slur. I have a whole Rolodex of curse words and insults, but you can damn sure bet that no matter how mad I get, I’m not going to go there.

Watching the consequences of this woman’s actions unfold tickles my soul. This man is immune to white tears and bullshit. He understands, but he’s above it. He’s not gonna forget that she said what she said.

This is the reclaiming my time of 2019 and I’m 1000% here for it. For anymore bullshit coming our way this year, we redirect it to the nearest Best Western.

UPDATE (6/4/19): One of my friends pointed out that Craig Brooks – the gentleman in question above – wrote some pretty awful things about trans people in July of 2017 as shown in the tweet below:

As someone writing all that as a double minority – Brooks being black and gay – come on. As long as you have some modicum of power over someone else, it doesn’t matter how people feel as long as you’re the new pig, right? He’s since apologized, but I’m not sure if I buy it or if this is damage control to possibly secure a bag with this newfound internet fame.

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