A Whole New Thirst

I have to be honest, I haven’t seen the new Aladdin movie yet but I’ve heard amazing things about it. I’m just not huge on this whole Disney reboot thing. Leave my childhood alone, okay??

I was pretty staunch in this position until I saw this image grace my timeline:


Como se what now?! THAT’S Aladdin?!

I went down a thirsty rabbit hole and found that Mena Massoud is a precious human being. He’s Canadian-Egyptian. He also has the added hotness bonus of being bilingual. He’s vegan and even started his own brand called Evolving Vegan for those who are transitioning to being vegan which would have been really helpful had I known about this in January.

Massoud is passionate about being vegan, but also combating vegan elitism. He said, “Being vegan…is a spiritual journey. If we’re adhering to a vegan lifestyle because we want to better our world and save the animals, then why on Earth would we not show that same love and compassion to our fellow human beings who want to join in on a great cause?”

Listen. LISTEN. There is something so sexy about a man that outwardly shows compassion. Say what you want about the vegan movement as a whole, but to put that sort of thought into not only your diet, but animals and the planet? And then committing to it?!


I would love this beautiful brown man with his beautiful smile to encourage me to do the right thing. Hopefully, his nickname is also ‘the right thing.’

Oops, did I slip?

But seriously, look at him!


Those brows! Those curls! I’ve always been a sucker for dark hair and brown eyes. Also, he has a tattoo of a sunflower. There’s something about men that hit that line of being masculine, but soft that’s downright heartwarming.


And loin warming.

Needless to say, I’m rescinding my position to see Aladdin this weekend. If nothing else, it’ll be beautiful to look at.

The movie, I mean.

Definitely the movie.



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