Jon Stewart’s Passion is Everything

I was so excited to see Jon Stewart gracing my news feed this past week. While I love Trevor Noah’s insights on The Daily Show, no one could bring the sauce like Jon Stewart could. He was humming in the background of my life when I started watching the show in high school, well into college. When he left, truly it felt like the end of an era.

I understand why he quit. Politics are enough to wear on anyone’s heart and spirit. He did his time, fifteen years of it. Once he left The Daily Show, he dipped out of the spotlight to open an animal sanctuary and stay as low key as possible. Then this past Sunday, Jon Stewart returned on behalf of 9/11 First Responders to extend their Victims Compensation Fund.

His impassioned speech can be seen below:

I had to take a moment to applaud Jon Stewart for his compassion, bravery and tenacity to always fight the good fight. I know I’ve been on the thirst train lately, but listen, it’s moments like these that warm my heart. Especially to see him tear up.

Men have everything stacked against them in society when it comes to crying but the strength, passion and emotion that it takes to do so is why I have to bless up for a second.

Thanks to Jon Stewart’s nobility, a bill to permanently fund any health care needs of the first responders was unanimously passed showing that power used in the right way can yield beautiful results.

In gratitude for his work, the 9/11 Responders gave this gift in turn:

If we had more men like Jon Stewart fighting the good fight and less compassionless bastards like Mitch McConnell, I really believe the world could turn around over night.

Through this story, let the lesson be to never be afraid to let people know the things you’re the most passionate about.

You never know whose life you could change in the process.


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