2019: The Year of Keanu

Watching Keanu Reeves blow up in the media again warms my fangirl heart. He’s in successful action franchise John Wick, he’s voicing character Duke Kaboom in Toy Story 4, he’s in video game Cyberpunk 2077, and he’s shown up in romcom Always Be My Maybe alongside Ali Wong and Randall Park.

AND it’s rumored that the Marvel franchise wants to bring him on as a character.

Is there anything this man isn’t doing?

Keanu Reeves has been an object of affection for me since I saw him in Bill & Ted. Even before I developed ANY sexual feelings, I knew this man was just fucking gorgeous to set eyes upon. Bless his genetics because he’s basically a time lord who has barely aged, though that’s not what makes him ultimately attractive.

Let’s talk about why Keanu Reeves is hot.

The Giggle When A Fan Called Him Breathtaking


Keanu absolutely lit up and giggled upon being called ‘breathtaking’. It’s too cute! He stays humble by turning the compliment back to all the fans. Still, the humble giggle and well-meaning deflect made Keanu hot.

This Scene in Always Be My Maybe

Remember back in 2004 when Neil Patrick Harris was in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle for shits and giggles and it really boosted his career? I’m hoping that we see more of that from Keanu. I’m here for him in action movies, but this was a refreshing breath of air. Plus, to take on a role where you play an asshole version of yourself means you don’t take yourself too seriously which is incredibly sexy.

Also, that part where he’s whispering sweet nothings to Ali Wong’s character?! “I missed your heart”?! “I missed your light”?! Maybe that only works because he’s whispering this in a gruff voice. Or maybe because he’s Keanu Reeves. That timbre fucked me up though!

This Weird Ass Commercial Where Keanu Encouraged Me To Put My Dreams on a Website

For a while, these ads would pop up as I was browsing the internet. I stopped every fucking time to watch Keanu Reeves roast a marshmallow and eat it. I hoped that someday, I would be fortunate enough for Keanu to stare at me as lovingly as he stared at that marshmallow and bite into me in similar fashion.

But on the real, after hearing Keanu encouraged me to put my dreams on a website repetitively, I finally decided to do that. Maybe not on Squarespace, but I did it. (Sorry, Keanu.)

Just Look At The Man!


Keanu has always had the most expressive, dark eyes with strong, beautiful brow bones. He can give an intense stare like in the above photo, or have a levity and a twinkle in them. The long nose, the permastubble. I feel like I would become a giggling mess around him, but he would make me feel comfortable and not at all awkward for it. As countless fans and colleagues have noted, he’s a nice guy and he’s very giving which makes him even hotter.

This makes Keanu Reeves not only my man crush, but also my long-time Hollywood fave. He’s a little eccentric, very humble and super funny. With all the projects he has slated, it’s enough material to keep us all thirsty for a long, long time.



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