You Have My Attention, Kamala

I really wasn’t going to turn my eye to politics until the election got closer, but since Twitter was buzzing with the Democratic debate and provided a live stream it, I caved. I didn’t watch the first round of candidates on the first night. I didn’t even hear anything about it other than the fact that it happened.

But last night?! Last night though?!

I have to give it to Kamala Harris.

I’m not 100% sold on her because of her voting record but THIS CLIP?! It’s everything!

As soon as it happened, I was staring at my screen like


You know you made an astounding point when a candidate actually respects his time limit and cuts himself off.

We still have a whole year and a half until we vote again, but I need this kind of energy from here on out. Kamala got personal with her race, and her experience integrating which only served to help her in last night’s debate. In comparison, the rest of the candidates sounded like political robots, except for maybe Marianne Williamson who is a Sailor senshi in disguise trying to harness the power of love to heal us all.

It’s an interesting start to a very long season and I certainly hope to see that level of genuineness from a candidate in the future.

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