John Cena Flexing for Individuality

While scrolling through Twitter, an ad from Skyy Vodka came across my feed that gave me pause.

If you’ve been following my man crushes, you know that I appreciate a sense of humor. It’s one of the fastest ways to give me a heart boner over you. While John Cena has showed up in his fair share of action movies – which is on par for a wrestler – he also gives us moments like these:

That means that someone wrote and pitched this commercial to John Cena.

Someone was basically like, “Mr. Cena, we just need you to show up and flex in the name of charity.”

And John Cena was like, “Cool,” donned this pseudo preppy get-up and did just that.

I’m always here for a buff man flexing, but a buff man flexing for CHARITY?! Be still my ovaries, lest you explode!

Too late.

John Cena acted all fucking cute with that leg kick, shook his ass and secured his bag.

I’m not mad at all about this.

This isn’t even his first foray into working what he’s got for a good cause. The man regularly works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has granted over 500 wishes.

Flexing for a cause while keeping a sense of humor is exactly why I salute John Cena this week. I see those compassion muscles, sir!

(Also, what’s more American during the week of the 4th than a wrestler, fireworks and alcohol? Take THAT Great Britain!)



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