Domestic Men Are Hot!

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve been singing the praises of celebrities for my #ManCrushMonday, but today I want to sing the praises of the lesser known men. The heroes who have tales unsung. This week, my man crush is 32 year old Luan Ning of Beijing, China.

This man is so enthusiastic and happy that I immediately grinned when I saw this video. Listen, there’s nothing more attractive than a man that is comfortable in his own skin and can stay on beat, but the thing that set me on fire?

Ning says, “I kind of love [housekeeping]. I don’t find it to be a burden. I feel happy turning a messy home into a clean one.”


And my ovaries.

Plus, something tickles me about him dancing for his wife. That’s love right there.

The division of household labor is still a real fucking struggle for women but this gem of a man is not only doing the chores joyfully, but is probably getting hella laid for taking undue stress off his wife.

Mr. Ning, I salute your diligence, your sense of humor and your rocking cat sweater.


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