Redefining Masculinity

You know what’s sexy? People who think deeply. You know what’s sexier than that? People who think deeply about themselves. I’m talking about the people who analyze their behavior. The people who actively question why they act in the ways they do even if it no longer serves them. The people who dive head first into breaking their shit ALL the way down. That’s why I have to give this Man Crush Monday to Justin Baldoni.

You might know him from Jane the Virgin, but I know him from his amazing TED talk, and his mini series ‘Man Enough’ which was basically Red Table Talk for men.

Take a look at the first episode:

There are four parts to this series, but Justin Baldoni and a group of his celebrity friends break down how masculinity has hurt them collectively. It’s honest. It’s candid. Most of all, it’s vulnerable. It’s so refreshing to see someone willing to tackle toxic masculinity head on like this and encourage others to speak up and do the same. I have to give it to him for having the willingness to put himself out there like that.

In a society where everything is stacked against men talking about their feelings and the real shit, it takes a lot of bravery to do something like this.

Justin Baldoni is not just thinking of himself. He’s thinking of his friends. He’s thinking of his family. He’s thinking of what he’s teaching his children. This depth of thought and self awareness is so insanely attractive.

His series tackles everything from why men don’t communicate, to body image issues, to the #MeToo movement.


What was I talking about?

I know I have a pattern of dark haired, dark eyed guys, with perma-stubble but they seriously get me EVERY. TIME. Also, he has a beautiful smile and I love his nose.

baldoni baby
Justin Baldoni & his daughter, Maiya

AND he’s a daddy. Listen, the older I get, the more attractive it is when I see men taking care of their children. Or in the very least, having those nurturing vibes. Obviously, I’m here for enjoying the bachelor life, but the men that see a family life for themselves beyond that? Mm.

good morning
He’s keeping us ‘woke’. Get it?


Justin Baldoni is criminally handsome, but he’s even more gorgeous for staying woke in the real way. For doing the work, the self-improvement and asking the difficult questions, he’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

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