Vegetables Are My #MCM

I usually try to give social media a break during the weekend to breathe since part of this blog requires me to stay at least somewhat plugged in. I’m human. I can’t be plugged in to shit all the time or I’ll break.

So after a WHOLE WEEKEND of not using social media, the first tweet I come back to is this:

That is Chance the Rapper – a 26 year old man – eating broccoli and looking really unhappy about it because as Megan Thee Stallion tweeted, he doesn’t eat vegetables.

In his defense, that’s some sad ass looking broccoli. Broccoli like that is the reason people don’t eat vegetables, but I digress.

Chance, you don’t eat ANY vegetables, my guy?! What do you eat?! How do you poop?! How do you not feel like walking doo doo on the daily?!

Every time I read stuff like this is makes me incredibly sad because vegetables are delicious. For myself, I try to eat a plant based diet at least 85% of the time. If I don’t, I notice the difference. I really can’t, nor do I want to, imagine purposefully choosing a terrible diet. It’ll inevitably catch up to you.

Listen, men are twice as likely to die from heart disease and that shit is directly related to your diet. I’m not saying to go vegan, but I am saying that y’all need those vegetables and water. It’ll make you feel better not just immediately but in the long run.

So, for the sake of my usual Man Crush Monday post, I’ve decided to post pictures of hot vegan men living their best lives. Because veggies are the REAL MVP of this post. They’re out here doing a body good.



Mena Massoud
Wocka Flocka Flame
marcus patrick
Marcus Patrick
Andre 3000

You’re welcome.




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