What Goes Around…


It’s not just a Justin Timberlake song. What goes around really does come all the way back around. It’s an old adage that’s humming in our culture. Hell, this is something that my grandfather used to say.

I’m bringing it up now because I want everyone out there to really internalize it. Maybe you’re going through a period in your life right now where you feel slighted in some way. Maybe everything isn’t going exactly as planned. Maybe you’ve been dicked over by someone who is an asshole.

I’m here to say that the people that screw you over have it coming, but what we don’t see is that these things take time. That’s the hardest part. Waiting can take years, but people have an uncanny way of undoing themselves.

I bring this up because I’ve noticed this working in my own life, so to some degree I believe this translates to the world as a whole. Karma is a slow moving process, but it doesn’t stagnate. It moves.


In the path of life, just make sure to be your best and do your best because in the path of life we’re watching in real time what happens if you don’t.

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