Moving Monday

In lieu of #MCM, I thought I would do a moving Monday since this will probably be the last time you’ll hear me talk about it. For now. At least until I’m settled somewhere.

For those of you who are new, I’ve decided to go traveling and am in the process of throwing everything into storage.

I also have to space out everything because I don’t have a lot of stuff. Given that my last day in my apartment is technically Wednesday, I’ve been taking things over in increments. Stuff I know for sure I’m not going to use, followed by stuff I hopefully don’t need, and then I’m left with everything else that I needed last minute.

In the process, it’s been interesting watching this place dissolve into a weird nothingness.

That is to say, I remember when I moved from my childhood home. I was upset, but once all was said and done I didn’t look back. It didn’t hit me until later the fond memories I had of that place.

This seems to be going much in the same way.

Maybe I’ve had enough time to mentally prepare and reconcile, but throwing my things into boxes feels incredibly easy. Maybe because I know there are better things ahead knowing that this is the end of a chapter and soon I’ll be starting a whole new one.

It kind of feels like I’m getting a spin off show.

You have to understand, I live in an incredibly small town. While it’s cultured because of the university, you tend to see the same people around. It’s easy to find familiar faces. It’s easy for social circles to converge and disband and start anew.

Now I won’t be part of that process, and maybe much like my childhood home, I’ll come to miss that later but for now I look forward to see what I’ll miss about this place.

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