The Sweet South

Same old place, same old city / What can I do? I’m fallin’ in love” – Alison Krauss

I’ve said this so many times to everyone who will listen, but I love Atlanta. Whenever I have a chance to come here, I jump at the opportunity. There’s something healing about being here. Maybe it’s the change in scenery. Maybe it’s the people. Maybe it’s because it’s such a black city which in turn makes me feel really fucking normal.

Seriously. The only time I’m asked “where I’m from” is because people legitimately want to know where I’m from geographically. Not why I’m brown. Because they know better. Because half the city is black.

Also, I can sit outside in August and actually breathe. The humidity is blissfully lower.

Every time I’ve been to Atlanta it never feels like enough time, so for the first stop on my Eat, Pray, Love … But Blacker Tour, I had to come here and give the city it’s fair shake. This isn’t going to be a typical travel blog because … well… I’m terrible at taking pictures.

But in my defense, since I came to Atlanta I’ve never been so present.

Most of the time, I would grab my phone out of habit and mindlessly scroll but there’s so much to see here that it’s been cast to the wayside and thus, so have the pictures, but every time I’ve seen something that I’ve thought was amazing, I think, “Oh! Right! Pictures!” And quickly fumble for my phone.

So, without further ado, here’s my first week of pictures.

This is above my temporary bed.
As well as a gallery style cluster of photos to my left. My friend Bianca did a great job!
A Blue Matcha Latte from Muchacho’s. The taste is no different but aesthetics, right?
Bianca and I went to park in Cabbagetown and found this hidden cluster of bamboo!
Like most cities in 2019, Atlanta is stepping up its mural game. The art is gorgeous.
The blerd in me was partial to this one. 
My view from Tom, Dick & Hank’s rooftop bar.
Me and Courtney on said rooftop bar being cute af! Also, turns out I love being outside!
A whole wall of akara fabric!
I loved the colorful art I spotted on the side of this building.

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