White People LOVE Dogs

The pet care industry is $225 billion dollars strong and I’m not shocked by that number in the slightest. Why? Because no one loves dogs more than white people. From dog spas to full out open mouth kisses, white people LOVE dogs more than they love anything else on planet Earth.

Today, a YouTuber named Brooke Houts was caught in the act of hitting her dog after uploading a video to her channel with unedited footage as seen below:

Is it fucked up that she hit her dog? Absolutely! But you know what’s even more fucked up? The fact that this whole ass channel and this whole ass YouTuber will probably be banned faster from that platform than the highly problematic people that have been on there for years.

YouTube has had a problem with hate speech for a while. Pewdiepie STILL has a YouTube channel after dropping racial slurs multiple times. Logan Paul STILL has a platform after filming in Japan’s suicide forest and giving a shit ass apology. They still have millions of followers, millions of views and all the money to go with that.

And yet because they’re bringing traffic to YouTube, no one bats an eye at this. But if you hurt one animal?


This situation made me realize that maybe this is the untapped golden ticket to getting white supremacists banned and arrested. Maybe we as minorities should use this to our advantage. Instead of calling racists ‘racists’ – since white people hate that word – let’s call them ‘dog kickers’.

Instead of pointing out that PewDiePie’s racism has become so problematic that it no longer phases anyone, we say that we saw PewDiePie kick the hell out of a dog.

Instead of focusing on humanizing white supremacist terrorist shooters? We plant a crisis actor that’s only there to bear witness to the fact that they saw the ‘quiet, nice’ guy kick the ever loving shit out of a dog.

White people will be SO UPSET that we won’t have to lift a finger to protest, trend hashtags or insist how much our lives matter. We will finally be able to put our feet up and sip mint juleps while white people rage.

It may not be in the way we want, but at least we can use it our advantage.


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