I Rode A Bird!!

close up photo of kick scooter handlebar

When I took this trip it was one to get to know myself a little better outside of my usual comfort zone. In doing so, I realize that I’m a very easy person to please who takes pleasure in the little things in life.

I’ve come to Atlanta several times before as it’s one of the closer cities to my hometown without breaking the bank. On one occasion I noticed an influx of electric scooters or Birds. They run through an app and are meant to give everyone a cheaper option from point A to point B.

My eyes went wide when I first saw them and I gasped, “I wanna do that!”

Unfortunately for me, each time I’ve come to Atlanta I’ve been on a tight schedule so it’s never happened for me.

Until now.

I took full advantage of the Bird to ride part of the Atlanta belt line. I loaded the app with cash, tentatively hopped on and was on my way. The sun shone high in the sky. Sweat poured from my thighs, but I didn’t care.

The buildings going past in a blur, wind in my face. I see beautiful hills. The lush greenery.

It brought up the familiar feeling of riding my bike down the biggest hill as a child: the feeling of invincibility, abandon, and endless freedom.

Even outside of my comfort zone, I find comfort and through it I find myself. I find a daring girl that I forgot existed. One with an endless smile. One with her arms spread, flying toward danger with no worries because she trusts herself to bring herself to safety each time.

For a moment, I exist outside of time in this rush. I’m going with it and I’m enjoying the moment as I weave past other people, smiling at those that I pass until I realize I’ve made it several miles down the road from Edgewood to Ponce City Market.

My skin is hot and I could use the break to wipe the sweat from my brow and grab a drink. I skip alongside my scooter for the dismount and park it with the others before heading inside to look at crystals. Even as an adult, my love and fascination of rocks has never left me.

My inner child beams.

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