He’s Got Reasons To Be Boasty

I realized that it’s been damn near a month since I’ve come on here to lust after some fine ass men. I know I teased you all by talking about vegetables and my moving adventures, but now that the proverbial dust has settled in my life, I’m here to talk about the one, the only Mr. Idris Elba.


He’s once again graced my time line with Hobbs & Shaw coming out. This means I get to see him dressed in black leather looking pissed, which let’s be real can be very, very hot. Idris Elba has a way of making sternness add to his sex appeal.

Luther (series 4)
Luther, anyone?

Outside his screen work, when he sits down for an interview he’s friendly, personable and has a smile that could light up the whole world. He seems laid back but in spite of this, he has this certain swag about him that comes from a genuine place. The man isn’t swag for swag’s sake. He just IS.

Sexiest alive, indeed!

After seeing him in Wiley’s Boasty video as well as Saturday Night Live, this is a man that doesn’t take himself too seriously and has fun with what he does. If you’ve been following these Monday posts, you know that I’ll always say this is an insanely attractive quality.

That aside, the man has massive biceps and he just looks like he gives stellar hugs. Idris Elba probably smells like the finest Egyptian musk. He probably has a particular way he takes his tea and will insist that it’s the best way to drink tea with an essay ready to tell you why. I would listen to and hang on to every word of it. Every deliciously accented word.

Teach me, Daddy!

Besides Shaw & Hobbs, Idris Elba is also slated to appear in Cats. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t exactly warm on it upon seeing the trailer, but after his Hot One’s interview in which he said that it was ‘beautifully written’, I may have to consider.

Plus, who doesn’t want to see cat daddy Idris?


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