Adventures Near the Beltline

I still very much love Atlanta. I love the architecture of the houses and in spite of how hot it can be, I’m glad to at least be able to spend time outside. It’s humid, but not nearly as humid as Florida which I’m very happy for.

I spent a few too many days outside and felt sick because in spite of the lack of humidity, heat is still an issue, so I spent a couple days recovering. I had fun though! I finally got to ride a Bird down the beltline which is a 20ish mile stretch of pedestrian friendly road that encompasses the city. Compared to the Lyfts and busses, I’m surprised at how much faster it was to get around.

I also decided to stop at Ponce City Market. It’s an old factory that was renovated into a shopping center. What’s so cool about it though is that while it has popular stores you would expect, there’s a whole floor dedicated to handmade goods by local artisans. I’m talking clothes, art, leather goods, you name it!

I went back in November with my friend Brittany, but since then they added a bar to one of the shops. The bartender, Nick was super friendly. I didn’t love the drink I ordered – liking it more for the pink aesthetic – so he made me another one on the house. Cheers to him!

I also stopped by Sephora to try a different shade of Fenty Lipstick that corresponded with my zodiac according to their new marketing. It’s a very specific shade, but I certainly didn’t hate it.

Later the same day, I got to meet my blogging buddy, Angela! She was as sweet as all the encouraging comments she left on my posts. We had an amazing conversation and she really got me thinking…

It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to make the leap to live your dreams. Start that blog! Make that move! Pack your stuff into a tiny unit and bounce!

Write a blog and hope it works out.

Fortune favors the bold, right?

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