Desus Nice – Problematic (Environmental?) Bae


I’m not going to lie. I’ve had a long standing crush on Desus Nice since I was put on to the Bodega Boys Podcast and – then Viceland – late night series Desus & Mero (They’ve since moved to Showtime). I enjoy both shows with the added bonus of Desus being the fine ass Jamaican man that he is.

I get that fineness is subjective, so upon looking at the picture above, you either get me or you don’t and that’s fine. To me, he’s got that chocolate ass complexion, full ass lips, nice ass eyebrows and pretty ass eyes. Men don’t typically like being called ‘pretty’, but don’t let the patriarchy fuck with you. It’s a compliment. Trust.

Both Desus and Mero have been grinding for a while. Podcast once a week, Showtime twice a week, various live shows around the country… thinking about that is exhausting, so the boys finally got a break.

Desus decided to take his time off to vacation in Hawaii and the best part to come from that is this tweet:

And this Instagram post…

Screenshot (5)

There is nothing that turns me on more than someone who becomes passionate about something bigger than themselves. I really hope this spurs Desus into environmental bae territory. Just… Black men saving the world is an instant panty dropper. It just fucking is. You give a shit about conservation? You actively use part of you time and/or resources toward that? Please, tell me more.


Also, the man has a kitty cat named Charlie. If men have cats, I automatically like you a little more. There’s something about men that fuck with cats. He also has a dog named Mac that if you look at the earlier episodes of Desus and Mero, he brought on set. He’s just chilling in interviews with a puppy on his lap and it’s heartwarming as fuck.

And a thousand ovaries exploded in unison.

Huge reach, but Desus seems like the kind of guy that talks a hard game but behind closed doors is sensitive as fuck and keeps your favorite snacks stocked if he knows you’re coming through.

Anyway, Desus if you happen to read this, holla at your girl because my travels are bringing me to NYC really soon. To the rest of you, take note and give a shit about something. You never know who you could inspire or induce thirst upon along the way.


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