Side Stop Special: Washington D.C.

Next stop on the Eat, Pray, Love (But Blacker) tour was NYC, but considering that’s a long ass bus ride that was overnight, I decided to take a break in DC.


It wasn’t the original plan, but the journey was overnight and by the time we landed in DC I was sleep deprived, hangry and all around an unpleasant person to be around. Not to mention during one of the bus switches, this man took residence in the seat next to mine and decided to put his whole ass ass one me so it was definitely for the best.

(Side note: This is also why there was no post on Friday. Sorry about it.)

I had no intentions whatsoever to stop in DC past switching buses given our current political world, but honestly I’m glad I made the side stop. Right when I graduated, I took a trip to DC which was mostly concentrated around the Mall and the family I was staying with in Virginia, but on my own I was able to see more of the capital I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The bus dropped me off in Chinatown DC which I didn’t know existed. Wandering around casually while trying to find food was a pretty surreal experience. Or maybe that was the sleep deprivation. Who knows.

I’m well aware of my status as a small town girl from the south, but being in the thick of an area of town that is so culturally different than how I’m used to living made me feel pretty damn… well… cultured! I saw a shop that had roast duck hanging in the window and immediately texted my friend a picture with the words “GIRL”. She called and openly laughed at my reaction. I don’t blame her.

GIRL. WHOLE. ASS. ROAST. DUCK. Sadly, I didn’t eat one.

Also, I stayed in what was deemed a ‘micro hotel’ called Pod. Think your college dorm with a queen bed and more privacy. There was nothing micro about the price though, but beggars can’t be choosers. I should have at least had something of a discount considering that my window was facing a brick wall. And the tiny boxes near my bed were not, in fact, chocolate, but earplugs.

Overall, I wish I had more time to explore the off beaten path of DC, but maybe I’ll make a more serious effort once all the election shit is over.

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