Hello, It’s Me

orange cat sleeping on white bed

Hello everyone!

Since Friday is my wild card day, can I get personal for a second?

You love when I get personal, right?

I want to fully emphasize how amazing my experience has been in traveling. I’ve seen so many things that I’ve only dreamed about or seen on TV. I’ve spent enough time per place that I’m getting as close to the realness of living in it. I’m truly happy and truly blessed to be taking this journey.

I’m also truly exhausted.

When I planned this, I basically took everything I owned, threw it in storage and took off. Now after a whole month of doing this, getting out of my comfort zone and being away from everything that I’ve ever known… I’m exhausted.

Part of it probably feeds into the fact that I’m an anxious person by nature and taking the steps to overcome it has been one of the bravest things I’ve ever done for myself. I knew I needed to do it if I expected to grow as a person, lest I die in my comfort zone.

But all this newness? All this growth? I’m tired.

I’m giving myself the appropriate days of rest and I’m falling into self-care mode as much as I can, but still, I’m tired.

For the sake of taking care of myself on the road, I’ve decided to change up my blogging schedule a bit since, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve skipped a couple days. Therefore, until I find myself in a more settled in my life again, I’ll be updating this blog on Tuesday and Wednesday. That way, you’ll still get Travel Tuesday and you’ll still get your news from me on Wednesday.

Part of this trip was praying, eating and loving… and to do that, I think I need to scale back on my own ambition for this blog. For now, at least. It’s one less thing to stress me out.

Overall, I’m well. I just need some solid rest to reconnect with myself and process. I hope you guys understand.

That said, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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