Kevin Hart, Take A Tiny Seat

HBO Show The Shop featured a conversation with Lil Nas X and his decision to come out. For whatever reason, Kevin Hart was there too.

Kevin Hart, we get it. I’m sure growing up as someone of your stature isn’t fucking easy. When faced with adversity, you became the funny kid. You also took a huge dose of toxic masculinity along with it. You may be short, but at least you’re not like ‘the gays’, right?

Being someone who still harbors homophobia, I can assume one of two things about you. You either a) Don’t feel stable in your own masculinity, b) Have felt certain way about men and it made you deeply uncomfortable or c) A little bit of both.

Look man, it’s 2019 and people are comfortably coming out whether you like it or not. You’ve been on the scene for ten years now. This is the turning point where you can change and grow, or you’ll go the way of every other aging, black comedian who started on a high note and decided somewhere along the way that punching down was acceptable.

It’s not. It’s just fucking lazy.

I hope between the internet dragging you and your unfortunate accident that you find some love in your heart for yourself and by proxy the world around you. If not, you’re in for a long, tragic drag.


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