The Daily Show and A Disappointment


Over the past week I had a chance to see a taping of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I’ve never been to a live taping of anything before, so it was an interesting experience. I’d heard various things between Google Reviews (yes, you can review The Daily Show) and my friends’ roommate who had been before.

“Yeah, it was pretty awesome. He connected with the audience and bantered a lot.”

Even the reviews said that it was like that as well.

Perhaps it is, but not particularly for my own experience.

It felt very… mechanical.

Again, it was really cool to see, but those two hours went by extremely fast. They do everything in one take per segment. The comedians are set across the stage and wait for their cues, freezing in place until the cue is given. It’s wild. There were even a couple times that as the news clip played that Trevor began giggling, but as soon as the cue was given that he would be back on camera, he snapped to attention. It was admirable, really.

But once it was over, everyone was ushered out as quickly as they came. I was kinda hoping for an autograph, but oh well. It’s a free show, right?


Later in the week, I got to go to Chinatown. I’d been before the first time I came to NYC with my parents, but given the gap in time it was like a new experience all over again.

My friends took me to the most incredible place in Chinatown… an arcade.

But not just any arcade! An arcade with dance machines including DDR, Pump It Up, and… some… other knock off I can’t remember. It doesn’t matter though. The sounds and the bright lights took me back! I even found a new rhythm game that had a DJ set up that I turned out to be pretty good at. You can tell by how hard I’m concentrating.

The only other noteworthy, albeit embarrassing thing to happen to me is that I hurt myself.


I was coming out of a building with a narrow staircase and missed a step. Lucky those roller derby skills that I accumulated helped! I landed on my knees, scraped my shin and rolled my ankle.

I also dropped the quesadilla I was holding all over the sidewalk.

Nearby workers rushed over to see if I was okay, and a girl gave me a thin cocktail napkin in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. I decided to walk (limp) it off, and walked for several blocks, stopping to get some food and charge my dying phone.

After a good half hour, I stood up to continue my journey and realized I couldn’t do anything else. My foot wouldn’t let me. So I called a Lyft and made my way back to where I was staying.

My ankle swelled up to the size of a golf ball, but lucky for me, one of my friends is in the medical field and helped me out. I’m glad I wasn’t hurt worse than this, but it still sucks. I had a whole day where I did nothing to stay off my foot and nurse my bruised ego. I do feel a little better though and I can walk around a bit, so I’m going to try and do something.

It’s my last day here before going to Vermont, so I’m going to make it a worthwhile day. I may come back very briefly because another friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a hot minute said that he was going to be here for a work trip. It’d be good to reconnect.

Anyway, in spite of my own setback, New York has been kind to me. I really like this place, but I’m looking forward to getting out of the city for a moment. We’ll see what Vermont holds.


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