Alyssa Milano Misses the Point With Sex Strike Tweet

Every time I hear Alyssa Milano open her mouth on social issues, I always think of this gif:


Recently, Georgia rolled out Gilead strict abortion laws that we should all collectively be appalled by. In response, Alyssa Milano took a page from Lysistrata and called for a sex strike! How long should it go on? She doesn’t know, but damn it, we need one!

On Friday, she tweeted, “Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back.”

On one hand, it’s not a terrible idea. It’s worked in several places around the world.

On the other, it’s very eye roll worthy because going on a strike is also assuming a lot of things. It’s assuming all women have uteruses. It assumes all women are straight. It assumes all women want to have sex.  It also assumes that this is exactly what the people of Georgia need right now and I’m damn sure that it’s not.

While white men definitely don’t know what women need for their bodies, white feminist Alyssa Milano doesn’t either.

I don’t think that she’s doing it from a malicious place, but considering that she only works in Georgia (filming Netflix show Insatiable) and doesn’t live there, the best thing that she can do with her influence is use her connections to help the people that are doing the work. There are already reproductive rights organizations in Georgia that I’m positive could use the funding to do great things if she would go out there and ask them how she can help. That would make a bigger difference than donning the cape of a white savior, making assumptions, and blindly tweeting an idea that she doesn’t even have concrete plans for. 

Influence and money help.  

Look at Kim Kardashian putting her dollars towards freeing 17 inmates in 90 days. 

Instead of flexing those useless ‘woke’ muscles to show how socially conscious you are, do something that matters and actually make a difference. Otherwise, talk is cheap.

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