Why I Don’t Give Out My Number

I hate giving out my number.

I especially hate giving out my number to people I barely know which is often a problem for me while dating. It seems counterproductive but men people don’t know how to act. The few times I’ve given my number out to men people, I’ve instantly regretted it.

Everything from the cheesy “good morning” text from someone I’ve met one time to texting me every hour on the hour. Yuck. People say women are the needy ones but I’m gonna need these overly emotional, clingy men people to chill.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you meet someone and they seem pretty cool. You go on a date, it’s all fun and laughs, but should you give them your number by the end of it? Here are reasons not to.

Social Media Exists

We have so much technology that there’s more than one way to contact a person. There are so many apps and widgets and whatnot. Best part, you get the added bonus of seeing this person’s social media and getting a feel for what they’re REALLY about. That seems judgmental but let’s be real, you’re going to find out what this person is about anyway. Might as well get a sneak peak.

woman sitting on chair while using laptop computer
“He’s into WHAT now?”

It Lets You REALLY Gauge the Other Person’s Behavior

The guy you’re with is on board with equality and knows about ALL the -isms. He seems sensitive and nice, definitely not in that “nice guy” way either. The date went well, you’re excited for a second. Still, don’t give him your number and see if he respects your decision. If he asks, tell him you don’t give your number on the first date. He’ll be happy to stay in contact with you however he can! If it bruises his ego, that’s on him and not you. 

man wearing brown suit jacket mocking on white telephone
This is exactly what you could avoid.

A Little Less Personal

Maybe it’s a me thing, but social media can be WAY less personal. It’s easy to block people, it’s easy to ignore, it’s easy to put in the background. However, if someone blows up my phone, you’re getting direct access to me. That can be a good thing if it’s someone you really connect with, but if said person falls into the “not knowing how to act” category, it’s extremely annoying. If it crosses the threshold to a red flag, you’ll have screenshots and a whole network of people to have your back.

man wearing suit jacket sitting on chair in front of woman wearing eyeglasses
This Aryan-Youth haircut having motherfucker… 

Some phones have the block feature now, but not all of them do. For dating’s sake, this is my preferred method. Or, if this doesn’t work, you could always be a little more creative. Either way, hold on to your digits initially to save your sanity. You’ll thank me for it. Trust.


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